Since 2000, Nonprofit Management Center has provided quality education and training, information and assistance, consulting, and management support services to hundreds of nonprofit organizations throughout the Permian Basin.

A Road Map for Success

The Nonprofit Management Center exists to provide consulting, training, and information supporting the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations.

The Nonprofit Management Center is committed to helping area nonprofit organizations operate effectively to ensure a stable future. The Center provides a diverse range of management expertise, technical assistance, and services for staff, boards, and volunteers of the nonprofit community throughout the Permian Basin.

The Center was established in June, 2000 with initial funding provided through a grant from the Meadows Foundation. Additional funding is provided by other private foundations, businesses and individuals who recognize the importance of effective nonprofit management in our communities. The Nonprofit Management Center welcomes additional contributions directed to its ongoing support. The Center also collects fees for program services and Center Partner membership fees. Created in 2009, the Center holds the Beacon Awards luncheon annually.