Nonprofit Executive Leadership Certification

Currently, the majority of the Permian Basin's nonprofit executive directors are Baby Boomers. As this generation ages and retires, it will greatly impact the leadership of the area's nonprofit sector. According to research conducted by the Bridgespan Group, there will be a significant deficit in executive leadership available to the nonprofit sector in the next decade.

From where will our future nonprofit leadership come? The Nonprofit Management Center is committed to helping develop a pool of motivated, well-trained professionals to take on the challenge of community-based nonprofit executive leadership. The NELC program will help bridge the gap in nonprofit leadership by building a community of strong, emerging leaders who are prepared to lead, innovate and make a difference in the community.

NELC is designed to equip individuals seeking a role in nonprofit management with the skills needed to be successful. Potential participants include acting executive directors who desire to improve their skills and other individuals seeking to become a nonprofit executive.

  • NELC Application - 2019-2020 Application available early summer 2019
  • NELC Curriculum - PDF

 **** Please note when completeing the application make sure you are saving the PDF form to your desktop and filling out the form that you saved to your desktop. If you fill out the form in your web browser the information you entered will be lost.