Program Director at Midland Fair Havens

Job Description

In full support of the Midland Fair Havens mission of equipping single mothers and their children for self sufficient living, the Program Director strives to provide leadership through a system of accountability for the creation and implementation of a comprehensive program designed to help individual clients attain their identified goals. The Program Director must be a person of high moral character and strive to perform her responsibilities and duties in a professional manner and with integrity.
• to oversee the Case Manager, Family Enrichment Coordinator and the On-Site Supervisor in order to coordinate client family services,
• to develop and to maintain relevant program elements and a life skills curriculum that supports the ‘Building Blocks for Better Families’ - Fundamental Education, Social Competency, Character Development, Sexual Wellness, and Spiritual Wholeness,
• to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the program elements and the program staff
• to have current knowledge and active coordination with other supportive services and agencies within the community by participating in coalitions and networks,
• to create forms and develop methods for staff to document program activity for the assurance of compliance with grant funding,
• to prepare and maintain program reports, program statistics and grant reports,
• to manage the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS),
• to interview prospective residential clients, evaluate their applications, perform background checks, call references and coordinate the assessment teams to determine acceptance of a resident family,
• to regularly meet with the Case Manager & FEC in family case management meetings to maintain unity concerning family services,
• to maintain current knowledge of relevant information that pertains to the circumstances, conditions and situations of the clients,
• to manage the facility security systems including coordination with the OSS for client family safety when the office is closed,
• to manage the maintenance of the client apartments,
• to coordinate with FEC concerning recruitment and training of volunteers,
• to publicize and represent the organization throughout the community at large with program presentations, fundraising activities and outreach,
• to be accountable to the Board of Directors concerning program development, client progress and outcomes,
• to adhere to strict confidentiality practices,
• to perform other tasks as assigned by the Executive Director.

How To Apply

Send resume to DiAnn Koehl at Midland Fair Havens; 2400 Whitmire Blvd; Midland, TX 79705

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