Program Coordinator at SHARE

Job Description

POSITION OBJECTIVE: Working under the supervision of the SHARE Program Director, the Program Coordinator will support SHARE’s mission by cultivating community involvement in and support for the mission, vision, and programs of SHARE. The Program Coordinator will have broad responsibility for recruiting, training and managing volunteers, room leaders, and Sibshop facilitators for SHARE’s programs. The Volunteer/Staffing Director will communicate with nursing agencies and SHARE room leaders to staff all programs and events with room leaders and volunteers. The Program Coordinator will provide the necessary trainings for SHARE room leaders, room leaders and sitters from nursing agencies, and in-home providers.

• Develop a volunteer recruitment plan
• Identify, contact, and speak to schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations about volunteer opportunities
• Maintain ongoing contact with volunteers and SHARE Room Leaders through e-mail, phone calls, texts, social media, and newsletters
• Develop and maintain working partnerships with organizations, businesses, churches, and schools
• Plan and coordinate volunteer and room leaders recognition and appreciation efforts
• Maintain volunteer opportunities on SHARE’s website and other volunteer websites
• Maintain a database of volunteers, room leaders, and Sibshop facilitators
• Develop job descriptions and expectations for SHARE volunteers and room leaders.
• Maintain confidential records of volunteers and room leaders including applications, background checks, and verification of volunteer hours for Legacy, Texas Scholar, and National Honor Society
• Submit a report to the SHARE Board which includes but is not limited to a report of recruitment presentations, new volunteers, and dates of volunteer trainings
• Follow all volunteer policies and procedures
• Participate on the Program/Quality Assurance Committee
• Coordinate trainings for volunteers, room leaders , and in-home providers
• Staff all programs with volunteers and room leaders
• Staff fundraising and other events with volunteers
• Assist with other program duties as assigned
• 50% of the Program Coordinator’s time will be spent on volunteer recruitment, training, and management
• 50% of the Program Coordinator’s time will be spent on communicating with nursing agencies and paid SHARE room leaders, providing the necessary trainings, and staffing SHARE events

• High School diploma required, Bachelors degree preferred
• Must pass a criminal background check
• Experience in managing people
• Good communication skills
• Ability to work with a team of volunteers
• Good computer skills with proficiency in Word and Excel at a minimum
• Knowledge of marketing through various social media outlets
• Willingness to learn about disabilities and their effects on families
• Self-motivated
• Excellent organizational skills


How To Apply

Send resume and cover letter to Tom Jones

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