Part Time Administrators Assistant at Kaleidoscope Ministries

Job Description

Title: Administrators Assistant
Manager: Executive Director
Position Type: Part Time/Hourly

Overview The Part Time Administrators Assistant (Admin) will be responsible for basic office tasks such as filing, office organization, financial paperwork, communication with KM accountant, database upkeep, and occasional social media/marketing tasks. The admin will report directly to the Executive Director.

Core Values Deep dependence in Christ. Model Christ-like behavior. Humility. Excellence in work.
1. Be in agreement with Kaleidoscope Ministries Statement of Belief
2. Willingness to abide by the policies of Kaleidoscope Ministries.
3. Maintain compliance with all state and Federal Laws.
4. Wholeheartedly support Kaleidoscope’s vision and direction and be able to accurately convey to others.
5. Excellent organizational and relational skills.
6. Personal characteristics desired: spiritually mature, achievement oriented, big picture anddetailed oriented, good communication skills, multitasking.
7. Team player Attitude
8. Creativity/Innovation: Develop new and unique ways to improve operations of the organization and create new opportunity.

1. Is an active Member of a Bible believing church
2. Have a reference of leadership abilities
3. Must have availabilities to work 20-25 hours per week
4. Must have completed and passed the required KM background check
5. Must complete and passed the required KM child safety training
6. Must have a valid drivers license and clean driving record with ability to drive and provide his/her own transportation
7. Must have strong working knowledge in office word, QuickBooks, PayPal, database software and Excel
8. Must be flexible and willing to assist where needed should something unexpected arise
9. Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently
10. Basic IT skills

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
1. Ability to complete tasks assigned by Kaleidoscope Directors.
2. Report financial info directly to KM accountant (deposits, checks, receipts, PayPal)
3. Check mail
4. Pay Bills
5. Updating Database with info
6. Tax receipts
7. Execute annual communications plan in partnership with executive leadership. ex: Newsletter, annual report mailout
8. Maintain content on Website and Social Media as directed ED or ministry directors

How To Apply

To apply send resume to:

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