Part-time Administrative Assistant for Therapy Program at Midland Rape Crisis and Children's Advocacy Center

Job Description


GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Greet clients when they come to the Midland Rape Crisis Center therapy department and assist with therapy related phone calls and daily tasks. Ensure therapy clients have completed paperwork prior to their first appointment. Provide support services to victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, incest and their non-offending family members. Participate in community interactions which promote visibility and awareness of the programs and services of the Midland Rape Crisis Center. Understand the purpose and function of the Midland Rape Crisis Center and is knowledgeable of all existing policy and procedures.

POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform day-to-day which include but are not limited to: Answering phone calls related to therapy scheduling, monitoring the therapy waiting room, assisting clients with initial therapy paperwork, filing and entering all data into the database. Assist with other duties as directed by the Therapy Program Director.

EDUCATION: A high school diploma or GED is required.

QUALIFICATIONS: Show an understanding and appreciation of the vital importance of the Midland Rape Crisis Center and their role within the community. Show the ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing.

How To Apply

Please email resume to Lori Perales at or call 432-682-7273.

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