Foster Care Case Manager at High Sky Children's Ranch

Job Description

BASIC FUNCTION: Directly responsible for program services to assigned foster homes, with practices and standards meeting criteria requirements as specified by High Sky Children's Ranch.

Option 1- Master’s Degree in Social Work or other related human services field and 1 (one) year of documented full-time experience in a residential childcare operation, as a conservatorship caseworker or foster adoptive home development worker for the department. The experience must be in conducting assessments, service planning, or case management duties.
Option 2 – Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or other related human services field and 2 (two) years of documented fulltime experience in a residential child-care operation, as a conservatorship caseworker or foster adoptive home development worker for the department. The experience must be in conducting assessments, service planning, or case management duties.

Under the supervision of a Child Placement Management Staff, perform duties including foster development; foster home management; supervision of foster parents; treatment planning, monitoring progress toward treatment goals; advocating for youth; and assisting in admissions. May be frequently called upon to make suggestions on community and general administrative policy decisions and to assist in the evaluation and hiring of new employees, or screening of foster parents. Train, monitor, and provide feedback to foster parents in regard to their job performance in all areas. Provide in home contacts/monitoring at a minimum as stated by minimum standards, High Sky Policy or contracts. In Home contacts / monitoring should include supervision checks, licensing monitoring, youth contacts, staff education, and review of administrative changes, file monitoring, discipline, safety plans or discipline reviews according to the treatment or consultation plan. Assist in the development of instructional material and assist in training during pre-service or in-service workshops. Provide individual education to foster parents as needed to assist in skill development and understanding how to work with children from various backgrounds. Responsible for writing, reviewing, and monitoring treatment plans; treatment plans must be completed according to timelines established by Licensing, Contracts and Youth For Tomorrow. Plans should be reviewed with the youth prior to the 30 day after a new admission, then every 90 or 120 days according to the level or YFT recommendations. In the event that the foster parents have a serious infraction of violation and a plan of correction is deemed necessary, Case Manager is responsible for writing and reviewing the plan with the foster parents within 48 hours of the decision to implement the correction. A follow up plan must be included and documentation that the follow monitoring must be kept in the foster parents file and available for review as needed. Attend scheduled meetings and staffing. Make responsible efforts to avoid frequent scheduling conflicts to attend meetings. Share "on call" 24 hours a day in case an emergency arises in the home. Responsible for ensuring that a written safety plan, reviewed by the Foster Care Director, is completed including youth and foster parent's signatures immediately upon a youth's return from a psychiatric hospital. All other safety plans should be completed within 24 hours after it is determined that a need higher supervision is needed due to an increase in aggressive, sexual or potential self-harm behaviors is observed. Monitor youth's annual physicals, dental, eye, psychological needs to ensure appointments are scheduled within the appropriate timelines, Maintain regular office hours and notify your supervisor of any absences. Regular hours are 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Friday afternoons is designated as a "catch up day" if all work is completed on schedule coordinators may leave at 12:00p.m. If all work is not caught up or in danger of missing a deadline, this person should work regular office hours on Friday. It may be necessary to work after regular hours on occasion to meet deadlines or client needs. Provide time sheets the Monday prior to pay day. Provide time off requests at least two weeks in advance for planned absences. Provide time off requests for illness or other absences within 24 hours of returning to work. Follow up to ensure that all foster parents reports are completed timely and accurately and assist foster parents with writing reports when necessary. This includes but is not limited to: Progress Logs, Incident Reports, Contact Notes, Quarterly Clothing Reports, Fire Drills, and Medical Reports. Must make discretionary decisions, which are related to the safety and well-being of children; exercise independent judgment when making recommendations to foster parents and the managing conservator of the child. Responsible for learning and implementing Minimum Standards for Child Placing Agencies, as well as maintaining compliance with all High Sky Policies, procedures and personnel guidelines. Work successfully as part of a team to provide programs to meet the needs of youth; develop then maintain song working relationships with co-workers. Report suspected child abuse/neglect to the Foster Care Director and appropriate law enforcement as required. Encourage the person reporting the abuse to contact the hotline personally and make a report. Complete home studies as assigned. Function as a school and community liaison. Perform special assignments, projects and other duties as required.

POSITION EXPERIENCE AND ABILITIES: Must meet all educational and professional qualifications. Requires the ability to maintain minimum of 20 hours of training per year. Requires proficient ability to professionally speak, read and write English. Requires the ability to understand and carry out detailed oral and written instructions. Requires flexibility and creativity. Requires the ability to exercise excellent professional judgment and maintain confidentiality. Requires the ability to hear and receive verbal instructions, answer phones, and communicate with people in situations with some background noise. Requires the ability to relate positively, influentially, and sensitively to a broad spectrum of persons in a variety of multi-tiered relationships and settings to include but not limited to clergy, laity, institutional staff/ faculty, various organizational, cultural identities, and board members. Requires the ability to plan, administer and report budgets. Requires attention to detail and strong organizational skills. Ii. Must be able to meet and manage deadlines. Requires the ability to testify in court as required. Requires the ability to attend scheduled PPT, ARD, court and other meetings scheduled for the child. Requires the ability to exhibit and maintain professional work habits, appropriate punctuality, grooming, dress, manner, language, and positive attitude and demeanor in interactions with residents, families, co-workers and the community at large. Requires ability to drive assigned vehicles or personal vehicle, with appropriate state license, following all laws applicable; must provide proof of liability insurance and must be eligible to be insured under High Sky's insurance policy. Must be age 25 or older to drive on behalf of High Sky. Requires the ability to travel to various geographic locations and some overnight stays. Requires ability to maintain confidentiality. Proficient working knowledge and ability to accurately and timely operate and perform computer related tasks with specific equipment and software applications required. Requires commitment to the highest ethical principles both professionally and personally. Requires ability to use up to 50 pounds of force occasionally and or up to 20 pounds of force frequently and or 10 pounds continuously to move objects. Requires the ability to walk, stand and sit, sometimes for prolonged periods of time Requires sufficient good health to properly discharge duties. As an exempt employee must have the ability to make independent decisions when necessary. Requires the ability to be on call.

BENEFITS: Paid life insurance Paid health insurance Paid time off Retirement contribution
JOB TYPE: Full-time
DEPARTMENT: Foster Care 
REPORTS TO: Foster Care Case Manager Supervisor 
SUPERVISES: All assigned Foster Parents, Children in Care and Alternate Foster Parents 
STATUS: Exempt 

How To Apply

Please submit all resumes to Human Resources Director Cindy Carlton at

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