Forensic Interviewer at Midland Rape Crisis and Children's Advocacy Center

Job Description

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Under the supervision of the CAC Program Director, the forensic interviewer has primary responsibility for conducting forensic interviews

Forensic Interviews and Child Protection Team
• Use established protocol to conduct forensic interviews with children or developmentally delayed adults who are alleged victims of abuse or witnesses to violent crimes
• Assist in identifying client needs and provide recommendations to investigators or therapists
• Develop the Child Protection Team list of cases for case review in Midland and Andrews
• Attend and participate in multidisciplinary team meetings in Midland and Andrews
• Make any necessary recommendations regarding needed follow-up for the child and the family
• Liaison between Law Enforcement, District Attorney, County Attorney, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Midland Memorial Hospital, MRCCAC Therapists, and other community agencies as needed
• Document intake data and schedule interviews
• Keep abreast of new research and developments in forensic interviewing of child sexual abuse
• Work on 24-hour call for emergency interviews/staffings
• Coordinate the Kids in Court Program twice a year Court Testimony
• Testify in criminal/juvenile/civil court when subpoenaed
• Participate in and provide training to staff and volunteers, other agencies and the community in various areas regarding child sexual and physical abuse in coordination with the Program Director
• Attend trainings as directed by CAC Program Director Coordination and Administration
• Attend multidisciplinary team and staff meetings in Midland and Andrews
• Attend other meetings and in-services, professional training and conferences as self-directed or requested by CAC Program Director or Executive Director
• Participate in improved collaboration efforts with community agencies
• Maintain case files, statistical reports, etc...
• Work with the CAC Program Director to develop and carry out evaluation procedures
• Assist the CAC Program Director/MRCCAC Board in fundraising efforts as needed
• Perform other duties as directed by the CAC Program Director or Executive Director

EDUCATION: A baccalaureate degree is required in a social work field which relates to the mission and objectives of the Midland Rape Crisis and Children's Advocacy Center.

• Understanding of child development, child sexual abuse, and forensic linguistics
• Understanding of the law and the legal system and implications related to interviewing children
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Experience working with diverse professionals from child protection, law enforcement, court systems and related community services
• Experience in needs assessment of victims and families and identification of appropriate referrals
• Ability to effectively organize a variety of tasks and deal with a wide variety of people

How To Apply

Please email resume to or Please note that actual Forensic Interviewer training is provided. No previous interviewing experience is required.

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