Food Services Manager at The Way Retreat Center

Job Description

Job Title: Food Services Manager 

Reports To: Executive Director 

The Food Services Manager (“Manager”) will work under the direction and guidance of Executive Director. Major decisions will be approved/disapproved by the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors while the Manager will be in charge of implementation of items approved or disapproved by the board or director. The Manager will, with input as needed, make decisions on the day-to-day operations of the food services for the facility. 

The Food Services Manager will manage the day to day activities of The Way Retreat Center.  They will be responsible for all food services, ordering, and menu preparing for activities.  They will work closely with the ED and Executive Assistant to ensure all activities are properly prepared for.  Work schedule will vary based on events scheduled at The Way. 

Staff Supervision: 

  • Responsible for hiring and firing temp, contract and part-time workers as suitable for The Way activities to include a chef, cooks, and serving staff 

  • Produce schedules and track hours for employees supervised 

  • Train and manage staff 

Food Services: 

  • Planning meals and menus for all activities 

  • Ordering food 

  • Maintaining updated vendor contracts 

  • Communicating budgeting issues for food services to the ED 

  • Ensure compliance with licensing, hygiene and health and safety legislations/guidelines  

Maintenance of Facility: 

  • Maintaining a service schedule for all mechanical systems in the kitchen 

  • Repairing items as needed in the kitchen and dining area  

Customer Service: 

  • Maintain open and effective communication with all guests at the facility 

  • Strive to provide the most enjoyable experience for guests at The Way 


  • Keeping statistical and financial records for food services 

  • Assessing and improving efficient use of funds 

  • Problem solving 

  • Overseeing stock levels and ordering supplies 

  • Maintain updated disclosures, policies, and procedures for The Way  

  • Provide a monthly report to the executive director and keep in communications on an as-requested basis with the board. 

The Manager will be committed to: 

  • the Christian mission of The Way; 

  • following the highest ethical standards, ensure accountability and comply with all laws; 

  • helping develop future board leadership and assist the board in the recruitment of volunteers; 

  • supporting board decisions and assist and/or lead the board in the planning process. 

The Manager will also be responsible for other projects and/or services deemed appropriate by The Way Board of Directors.  

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in hotel, hospitality and/or restaurant management. Candidate will possess a proven track record in leadership, the hospitality industry, budgeting, planning and ability to work well with staff, volunteers and visitors. Knowledge of resource development, philanthropy and volunteer experience a plus. 

Ideal candidate will also have a solid experience in accounting, financial management, and strategic planning. 

How To Apply

Email your resume and cover letter to

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