Executive Director at Pink the Basin, Inc.

Job Description

The Executive Director of Pink the Basin, Inc.(“PTB”) oversees and executes the daily operations of the organization consistent with the mission, purpose, and strategic plan provided by the Pink the Basin, Inc. Board of Directors.

The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors and works under the direction of the Board President.

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall administration of Pink the Basin, Inc. including financial management, fund raising, program development, personnel and volunteer administration, community/public relations and marketing, Board relations, and other duties as assigned.


The Executive Director will be responsible for the following:

Mission & Program:

  • Understand Pink the Basin, Inc. and its purpose, mission, policies, culture, values, history, key stakeholders, programs, finances, and strategic plan;
  • Execute the daily operations of Pink the Basin, Inc. in a timely and professional manner;
  • Maintain a comprehensive calendar of events including such items as grant submission dates, fundraiser dates, board meeting dates, etc.;
  • Ensure the maintenance of thorough affiliate and donor databases;
  • Ensure that appropriate awareness, education, and assistance programs in the area of women’s health are provided;
  • Stay abreast of philanthropic, economic, social, and community trends that might impact Pink the Basin’s current mission, purpose, or programs;
  • Recommend policies and procedure consistent with best practices for the management of Pink the Basin programs;
  • Ensure that volunteers and Pink the Basin Board Members observe ethical best practices;
  • Oversee the growth and development of the volunteer program

Board Development:

  • Make opportunities for board training available and known to Board members;
  • Encourage and document Board attendance at Board meetings, and document the attendance of all new Board members at New Board Member Orientation;
  • Promote active participation by Board members and support effective Board functions;
  • Ensure that Board of Director committees have the information and support necessary to fulfill objectives;
  • Meet with the Board President monthly to coordinate agendas, minutes, financials, etc. for Board meetings and track the strategic plan

Financial Management:

  • Assure adequate control and accounting of all funds, including developing and maintaining sound financial practices;
  • Safeguard financial integrity by working with the board in preparing an annual budget and see that the organization operates within budget guidelines;
  • Oversee official records and documents and ensure compliance with regulations and reporting requirements;
  • Assure that funds are disbursed in accordance with funding requirements and donor designations and grantors’ reporting requirements


  • Oversee/coordinate the Primary Fundraising Event (Luncheon) as outlined in PTB, Inc. policies by addressing such areas as logistics, timelines, volunteers, speakers, etc.;
  • Solicit and secure donations/sponsorships for Primary Fundraising Event;
  • Assist appropriately with Cohort Fundraising Events as outlined in PTB policies;
  • Review requests for Third Party Fundraising Events that are outside Primary or Cohort guidelines;
  • Oversee and expand fundraising activities including individual giving, foundation grant writing/ support and foundation relationships, corporate participation and special fundraising events;
  • Implement a strategic plan to generate revenue through various fundraising efforts;
  • Oversee planning and implementation of any additional special events

Human Resources:

  • Establish and maintain working relationships with volunteers, individual and corporate donors, appropriate medical personnel, board members, and all other appropriate contacts;
  • Navigate potential recipients of PTB funds through the voucher process and to appropriate partner facilities

Public Awareness, Education & Marketing:

  • Plan and execute large-scale strategic plans as well as daily tasks;
  • Increase visibility of programs and services, maintain good public relations, marketing and development in collaboration with personnel and board members;
  • Provide oversight to volunteers with marketing responsibilities;
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships and/or networks with professional and social service organizations, funders/donors, providers, governmental entities, corporations and other voluntary agencies;
  • Oversee current marketing plan to increase visibility, publicity and education of the community through website, and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and other available media outlets
  • Write and present appropriate press releases and develop positive media relationships


  • Utilize appropriate databases such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Word Press, etc. to effectively promote PTB mission and to communicate with others;
  • Assess and execute plans for maintaining and updating existing technology and resources;
  • Acquire and allocate funds for technology resources


The Executive Director must:

  • Be a self-starter who works independently and with others;
  • Be committed to and enthusiastic about the purpose and mission;
  • Be adept at planning, prioritizing, organizing and following through;
  • Possess good communication skills;
  • Be honest, show integrity and trust, as well as the ability to motivate others in a similar manner;
  • Be one who shares information readily, listens as well as gives advice and respects the abilities of others;
  • Be able to travel throughout the Permian Basin promoting awareness and education of appropriate women’s health issues;  
  • Shows a high degree of maturity, sophistication, self-confidence, flexibility and caring
  • Be cognizant that you represent Pink the Basin at all times


  • Teamwork—Will cooperate, collaborate, and corroborate with all others as one unit or team in pursuit of a common goal/cause;
  • Organization and Mission Focus -Will look across the organization for opportunities to apply ideas that expand influence and impact;
  • Program Acumen – Will develop a depth of understanding of program histories, current program successes and potential for future innovations;
  • Financial Management – Will oversee the fiscal soundness of the organization;
  • Talent and Relationship Development – Will possess the capacity to identify, observe and contribute to management and board development; ability to model appropriate words and actions;
  • Relationships – Will build relationships across functions and cultures by exhibiting credibility among multiple constituencies;
  • Thought Leadership – Will demonstrate innovation, intention, and quality of contribution to program, advocacy, training and research activities.
  • Communications – Will possess ability to articulate, persuade, engage, and listen effectively. Ability to use different methods of communication appropriately. Skilled at delivering strong and compelling presentations


  • The Executive Director will participate in an annual performance review and evaluation facilitated by the Board of Directors.


  • Dependent on experience
  • Job Type: Full-time

How To Apply

To apply send resume to info@pinkthebasin.com

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