Coordinator of Fun - Senior Activities Coordinator at Casa de Amigos

Job Description

JOB SUMMERY: The purpose of this job is to assist the Senior & Wellness Coordinator in planning and organizing meaningful activities for senior citizens on a regular daily basis at Casa de Amigos. Responsibilities will include, but may not be limited to, those described in the purpose and the specific duties listed below.

1. In coordination with program participants, plans and coordinates activities and events for senior citizens in 3 main areas:
• Social
• Educational
• Health & Wellness
2. Prepares a monthly calendar for program participants to include all scheduled activities.
3. Encourages and engages program participants to be involved in planned activities.
4. Teaches and/or recruits leaders/volunteers from the community provide classes, events, and activities.
5. Oversees setting up and putting away supplies.
6. Enters daily program activity in Client Services for monthly reporting.
7. Assists with administering assessment to clients, filling out forms for clients.
8. Offers information and assistance/advocates on behalf of clients.
9. Participates in community meetings as assigned.
10. Supports Casa de Amigos volunteer program in all areas of the agency.
11. Participates in staff meetings and trainings.

• Loves to have fun.
• Is inclusive, engaging, outgoing, and kind.
• Ability to plan ahead, and organize people, time, and resources.
• Must understand group dynamics and democratic processes.
• Enthusiasm for getting people to participate.
• Resourceful
• Diplomatic
• Tactful
• Assertive
• Patient
• Diligent
• Caring
• Enthusiastic

HOURS: Up to 30 hours per week. May include some evening/weekend time.

EDUCATION: High School Diploma/GED Computer knowledge (basic data entry, e-mail) Ability to speak and write English well Bi-lingual

How To Apply

Fill out an application at Casa de Amigos or send a resume to Tonya Eckert, Executive Director @

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