7th-12th Grade Mentor Director at Kaleidoscope Ministries

Job Description

Manager: Executive Director Overview The 7th-12th grade Mentor Director is responsible for setting the direction of the mentoring program and encouraging volunteer mentors in their job responsibilities. The Mentor Director contributes to the intimacy and efficacy of Kaleidoscope Directors Team and are the central hub in the mentoring process at Kaleidoscope. They are responsible for nurturing mentors, students, and the student’s family. In addition, they provide on-going training for mentors and plan and implement events geared to support the mentoring relationship. They are also responsible for setting the direction and implementation of the high school discipleship. Training, coordinating, and encouraging L.I.T. (Leaders in Training 7th-12th grade program)volunteers in their job responsibilities.

CORE VALUES Deep dependence in Christ. Model Christ-like behavior. Humility. Excellence in work.
1. Be in agreement with the Kaleidoscope Ministries Statement of Belief.
2. Willingness to abide by the policies of Kaleidoscope Ministries.
3. Maintain compliance with all state and federal laws.
4. Wholeheartedly support Kaleidoscope’s vision and direction and able to accurately convey it to others.
5. Excellent organizational and relational skills with a track record of developing people
6. Personal characteristics desired: Spiritually mature, achievement oriented, big picture & detailed oriented, change leader, persuasive in communications, innovative, critical and forward thinker. Must have ability to produce results through a team approach.
7. Team player attitude.
8. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
9. Proven ability to effectively lead, inspire and manage people and projects required.
10. Exhibit high quality interpersonal skills on a consistent basis.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
1. Minimum 3 years experience in an inner city setting or Minimum 2 years experience with a culture unlike your own or having grown up in the inner city.
2. Intimate knowledge of the mentor, mentee discipleship dynamic. Previous personal involvement in a mentor/mentee relationship. (ie discipled someone)
3. Commitment to inspect what you expect of mentors.
1. Authority to accomplish this job is given by the Executive Director whom the Director of Mentoring is responsible.
2. Authority is given to train, organize, supervise, and hold accountable the mentors and LIT volunteers.
3. Authority is given to purchase materials necessary to accomplish this job within budget.
4. Authority to enrich mentor program and LIT discipleship by making calculated and needed adjustments.
5. Authority to plan and teach weekly bible studies and create and execute events.
6. Authority given to put needed performance corrective plans in place for mentors. Corrective action should be in agreement with the Directors Team.
7. Authority to terminate unhealthy mentor matches in collaboration with other directors.
8. Authority is given is redirect mentors or LIT leaders in wrong thinking of the character of God, cultural differences and remind the mentors of their commitment.
9. Authority given to approve or disapprove upcoming fiscal year events and budget and purchases for mentoring and LIT.
10. Authority to spearhead LIT, Mentor Enrichments, and events.
11. Authority to determine scheduling, curriculum for LIT, and all coordinating and communication for students, parents, and leaders.

1. Spiritual Leadership
a. Responsible to be a follower of Christ, exhibiting a godly lifestyle that inspires followership.
b. Responsible to continue individual learning in the areas of spiritual growth, management, leadership and development.
a.Responsible to foster an environment through the year that inspires spiritual growth for fellow coworkers and mentors and families.
3. Oversee & Improve Mentoring Program
a. Facilitate and lead a collaborative effort to plan & delegate events, diagnose problems and move towards solutions. Prioritize, manage and complete improvement projects in a timely manner. Willingness to meet with other mentoring organizations looking to replicate a mentoring program, offer helpful insight and direction. Offer wisdom in regards to difficult mentor/mentee situations and follow up on action taken.
b.Review and approve applications and references. Follow up when questions arise on either application or reference. Ensure follow through of all references.
c.Communicate to unresponsive mentors their commitment to mentor and terminate match relationship on an as needed basis.
d.Oversee and ensure the integrity of the mentoring data in Bloomerang (the company database).
4. LIT (Leaders in Training/Teen Biblestudy)
a. Coordinate schedule and communicate to leaders, families, and students.
b. Develop and implement weekly Bible study. Coordinate drivers, food, activities, and Bible study. Foster a loving and welcoming environment.
5. Incarnational Presence
a. Engage with mentored students over lunch at all schools, actively involved and contribute to the overall well being of the schools
b. Community Partners Cultivate and maintain partnerships with other ministries and organizations in Midland as well as be involved in building relationships
6. Nurture Mentors
a. Trimester contact with each mentor, biannually face-to-face visit with and written thank you note to each mentor under their discretion, yearly parent contact. Sends, at minimum, an email to mentors every month with pertinent information of events
b.Support Struggling Relationships: Readily available to assist during times of chaos and emergency. Offer wisdom in a timely and gracious manner. Encourage defeated mentors. Familiar with community resources available and communicates those to mentors and helps to engage in those resources. Terminate matches that are significantly unhealthy or mentor is unresponsive in a timely and gracious manner.
c.Communicate with mentor parents regularly
d.Event Preparation: Assist in planning and executing events around the mission and vision of Kaleidoscope Ministries. Friends and Family night.
7. Nurture Students
a.Actively familiarizes themselves with each of their student’s story. Instruct mentors in the details of the mentee’s story and educate mentors on any school areas of encouragement or concern. Identify and cultivate leaders through individual time and invitations to leadership enrichment activities. Rematch any students who are faithful, available and teachable during previous match or in bible study.
b. Provide spiritual and relational support. Develop relationships with students to foster a loving environment in which they feel valued.
c. Actively familiarizes themselves with each student’s family, attempts to recall names, shows vested interest to entire household and build relationships. Contact each parent once a semester and as needed.
8. Other Staff Duties
a. Actively engage as a Kaleidoscope Ministries staff member.Attend and actively contribute to weekly prayer and staff meetings, bimonthly meeting with ED.
b. Verbalize understanding and meet agreed upon deadlines as assigned by the ED

How To Apply

To apply send resume to: info@midlandkm.com

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